Hope: From Ashes To Beauty ( 13"x11" - 212 Pages)

ID: HC1311

"...The purpose of this book is to bring forth new beginnings and reachable opportunities of a “better tomorrow” for victims of incurable diseases and victims of physical & emotional trauma & abuse."

"...In essence, I truly believe that, no matter how severe, there is HOPE in Life. Hence, where there’s Ashes, there is “Hope” – “From Ashes to Hope” and “From Hope to Beauty”.

By Shirley Louie,
Writer & Presenter of the Book.

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play Unboxing Anna's Painting at Breeze Art Gallery, Scotland

Unboxing Anna's Painting at Breeze Art Gallery, Scotland


The painting arrived yesterday and fits beautifully on my stair case. Anna brought back the light of the Renaissance art that sought to capture the experience of the individual and the beauty and mystery of the natural world.

Joanne Cothran

National Director, SkyLink Holidays
Toronto, Canada


Over the last several years we have purchased no less than six pieces of artwork from Anna Art Gallery. Each one is a stand alone beautiful piece. From our smallest 24 x 30" to the 72 x 80", each one gives us endless pleasure.

Richard H. Stein

Attorney at Law
New York, USA